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A musical life and (some) times in pictures – Part II

Featuring: Among others, Alex Burkoy, Matt Walker, Rachel Webster, Archie Petrie, Mickey Blue-Eyes, Stefano Cosentino, Kris Schubert, Suz Mortz, Tommy Pickett, Vinnie Ramone, Tony Bibby, Sam Newton, Matthew Dewar, Liam Gale, Chris Neto, The Six Dollar Willies, Phillip Marino, Adrian Heath, Nic Cassey, Sister Ursuline, Julia Jacklin, Phillip Bracken, Caitlin Hosking, Andrew Browne, Zana Rose, Jenna Murphy, Daniel Lawrence, Matt Thompson, Taryn La Fauci, Mark Lucas, Pete Marley, John Hardaker, Charli Rainford, Luke Knapman, Justine Wahlin, Keith Armiger, Katie Brianna, Karl Broadie, Stephen Helman, John Paul Healy, Loretta D’Urso, Pierre Luniere, John Krsulja, Bronx Bob Kiwi, Annie DeSanti, David Levell, Rowan Matthews, Grant Cummerford and Myself along with various places of interest and some music-related machinery of one kind or another in various states of (dis)repair.
Of some interest might be the photo of the actual Sandy Ln Cafe, where at around 6:30am one slightly chilly morning I took the cover photo and wrote the lyrics to Such a Pretty Sight; me in Matt Walker’s woodpile; my Bigsby beatification; the now-defunct Sando; Julia Jacklin playing my Martin guitar at The Woolpack in Newtown… and a pretty special spinach pie.
Photo credits: Myself, Lisa McMahon, Will Vickers (Upwey sessions), Phong Le, Matt Walker, Zana Rose and Jenna Murphy (Sunset Sessions).