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Review: David Levell (The Mysterious Universe) reviews ‘Upwey’

Just got hold of Bill Hunt’s new CD “Upwey”, and so, with the jacks all in their boxes, time for a late-night immersive listen.

It’s great! In fact I’m inspired and replenished to find music like this being made in Australia of the here and now.

Some tasty violin evokes Desire-era Dylan to a degree, but it’s all Bill’s own sound and vibe and he’s nothing if not his own musical man.

It’s late-night and laid-back and a restless, questing creativity prowls and snakes throughout.

The lyrics glisten with narrative threads and fragments suggestive of hard roads, false trails, domestic mystery, tips of icebergs.

I hope Bill can tour this line-up (guitar, bass, drums, keys, violin) though I’ve seen him do some of these songs solo and I know they also work very well conjured with nothing but an orange Gretsch and a ready wit.

Photo: Bill Hunt with Carolyn Chen (violin) at Darling Harbour.

Bill Hunt