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Music Feeds single review: Sea of Love

Bill Hunt’s boot clad feet have been walking this earth for a while now, and when he has something to sing, we should all listen.

The video for his single Sea of Love came out last week, and it’s a cruisy, bluesy, folk affair. There’s brushed drums, rhythmic strummed guitars, and smatterings of violin and keys in there. But really, this music is all about his voice.

Hunt is a speak-singer, a storyteller comparable to Dylan in his delivery. Words fall out of his mouth, assembling themselves into small floating poems that dissolve as quickly as they came.

His words are comforting, weathered and wise, and have a poignancy that surely comes from having climbed a mountain or two in those boots. Sea of Love is taken from his debut EP Upwey.
Zana Rose, Staff Writer


Bill Hunt