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Live and Original at Lazybones

Live and Original at Lazybones

Showcasing independent artists.

Time 7:30 PM Admission $10 (at the door)
Lazybones Lounge Restaurant & Bar

Still from Sea of Love video.

The new video, as previewed on Taryn‘s Top of the World radio show which we recorded last night… wait, radio? You mean they won’t see… the… vid… e… oh, oh.

I’ll start again; The new video single for Sea of Love from the Upwey album will be officially released on Wednesday, August 10.
To celebrate the release I’m going to do a set at Lazybones Live and Original featuring the aforementioned song, and a bunch of others of course.
Thanks to Kerri Ellis for offering to help with the launch and my good friend Kris Schubert for his invaluable work behind the camera, and his excellent coffee which helped ameliorate the effects of the Bathurst winter.