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Sound: Such a Pretty Sight

Sandy Lane is a place you can hide your face ’til the dawn of the day
Nobody knows your name, everybody’s treated in the same almost pleasant way
It doesn’t matter anyway

You’re not the only one who’s time has come
You’re not the only one whose dreams have come undone
Now the thrill has gone (away)

Still burned around the edges by the final glowing embers of a love that strayed
You know before the coffee’s poured you’ve already had much more than you can afford
Ah, but you’re gonna pay


I set out to try to face the day with the remains of what you gave me, and what’s left that’s mine
I know you tried to save me but my heart was never made to toe that kind of line
My heart is just a waste of time

Then you had to go and catch that plane before I had time to explain, but some day I might
Now in the early morning light as I look up to the sky there’s a dissipating vapour trail that’s making such a pretty sight 

Bill Hunt